Citizens in 48 States Can Still Save Gas Appliances – But Will They?

By Daniel Bobinski 

The woke machine continues to march on, erasing our liberties. Despite what they claim, the woke do not follow science. They seek after power, quoting only the studies that support their woke positions.

When it all boils down, the woke play on feelings, but they operate from an underlying motive of control.

The topic for this rant is the potential demise of gas appliances.

In 2015, a report by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy in Berkeley, CA suggested that transitioning from gas to electric stoves could help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve indoor air quality. They also said gas stoves could be the cause of 13% of asthma in kids.

Never mind that in 2019, a different California environmental consulting firm, Sonoma Technology, found that cooking with gas is “not a significant determinant of residential indoor air quality.” Many other organizations have reached the same conclusion.

Still, the Biden administration decided that they were going to save us all. The sitting pResident’s woke advisors said gas ranges and stoves should be eliminated, so the deteriorating puppet living in the President’s mansion dutifully repeated the tripe. Naturally, many lower-level woke puppets around the country followed suit, bowing down and advocating for their masters.

California and Washington State created new building codes that disallowed gas appliances. And now, as reported by Epoch Times, legislators in New York State are said to be close to enacting the nation’s first legislative ban on gas stoves. In all of their grace and mercy, they’ll make it so the state won’t fine you or confiscate your existing gas stoves (yet), but they WILL prohibit these appliances for most new construction.

But the ban is not just for stoves. These feelings-not-fact-based actions will also prohibit people from buying / installing gas furnaces, gas water-heaters and gas clothes dryers. You see, by December 31 of 2005, New York’s Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul wants all “fossil fuel” equipment installations prohibited in all single-family and small smaller multi-familiy homes. And then, starting December 31 of 2028, she wants the same prohibitions in commercial building and larger multi-family homes (read: apartment buildings).

Anything running on so-called “fossil fuels” will not be allowed. That means all gas-powered heating, lighting, insulating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigerating equipment, as well as elevators and escalators that run on “fossil fuel” will be outlawed.

Naturally, exemptions for commercial kitchens, laboratories, laundromats, hospitals, crematoriums, and critical infrastructure, will exist. And also the governor’s office and governor’s mansion, no doubt.

Bipartisan criticism

Some are criticizing the “rules for thee but not for me” proposal. Nick Langworthy, Chairman of the New York Republican Party, is calling Hochul a hypocrite. He’s been quoted as saying, “Is it any surprise that Queen Kathy cooks on her gas stove?”  He also said, “New Yorkers are so sick of phony climate-warrior hypocrites and their ‘rules for thee but not for me.’”

Langworthy also slammed Hochul’s misplaced priorities, saying, “Our state is in a crime and economic free fall and she’s waging war on appliances.”

Even Democrats are questioning the legislation, saying it would be a burden on low-income families to force them to go all-electric. In speaking to Politico, Democrat Assemblywoman Monica Wallace said, “I would prefer that we incentivize electric buildings, either through tax credits or other proposals.” She also said, “We shouldn’t necessarily ban people from pursuing other options if that’s what they want.”

It’s not about science

In the end, it’s not about science. It’s not even about health. The woke ideologues simply want power and control. It’s what they strive for. It’s what they always strive for.

This is why it’s so important for Constitution-loving Americans to focus their energy on local issues. When former Democratic House Speaker Tip O’Neill said “All politics is local,” he was not wrong. California and Washington have already jumped into the woke “gas is bad” quagmire. New York appears to be taking the dive soon but they could be stopped. That means 48 states can still protect freedom of choice in heating, cooking, and air conditioning, but residents of those states will need to get active at the local level to keep our liberties alive.

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