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Biden’s Task Force is a Flop

On December 19, the U.S. announced a new maritime task force operating in the Red Sea to protect commercial vessels from attack by Houthi rebels.

The White House bragged it was a coalition of 20 nations, led by the U.S.

That sounds impressive. One quickly imagines ships from 20 different countries protecting the free flow of goods.

Well, not so fast.

Canada didn’t send ships. Just three officers. The Netherlands sent two. Denmark sent only one. But hey, Australia’s going all out – they sent 11 officers. Norway tried to match them, but they sent only 10. The European Union sent nobody.

Out of 20 countries that are part of this “maritime task force,” only two surface combatants were sent by other member countries.

Remember when Democrats told us that we needed Trump out of office so America could regain respect in the world? If you believed that, please explain the level of involvement we’re getting with this 20-nation task force.


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