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Ballot Box Stuffing – Someone Shoulda Made a Movie

Last week in Bridgeport, Connecticut, a judge overturned a Democratic primary race after video evidence showed that cheating occurred on behalf of the town’s incumbent Mayor, Joe Ganim.

Ganim was initially trailing his challenger, but suddenly a large number of absentee ballots showed up.

The judge, William Clark, ruled the election’s reliability was seriously in doubt based on the video evidence of Democratic officials stuffing ballot drop boxes, along with an unusual number of absentee ballots in specific districts.

Where have we heard this kind of thing happening before?

Wasn’t there an election just a few years ago where people were stuffing ballot drop boxes and lots of video evidence existed to prove it?

Shouldn’t election reliability have been in serious doubt because of the massive amount of video evidence of people stuffing ballot drop boxes and the unusually high number of absentee ballots in some precincts?

Maybe someone should have made a movie or written a book about it.

And maybe THAT election should have been overturned, too.

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