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At Least Some Republicans Are Not Acting Like Communists

Have you heard the talk about the need for unity in Congress? We’re told, “There’s chaos in the Republican Party … but the Democrats … they show unity.”
As if that’s a good thing.
You know who else showed unity in everything? Communists. People had to vote party line or they were eliminated. As in, ‘disappeared.’
Sadly, almost every Democrat, and frankly, many establishment Republicans, fear the punishments of party leaders more than the wrath of the people who elected them. These people might not get physically disappeared, but if they don’t high step with party leadership, they’re overlooked for special appointments or choice committee assignments.
So much for representative government.
The so-called disunity in the Republican Party tells me that at least people there think for themselves … they’re willing to stand on principle … and vote in alignment with the wishes of their constituents, instead of falling in line with the dictates of party leaders.
In other words, at least some in the Republican party aren’t acting like communists.

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