60 Second Commentary

Activist Judge Denies Parental Rights

Perhaps a federal judge in Maryland needs a remedial course on our form of government.

We have legislative branches, which make laws, executive branches, that execute laws, and judicial branches, that ensure laws are interpreted correctly.

Well — somehow, US District Judge Deborah Boardman, nominated by none other than the esteemed Joseph Biden, created a law out of thin air, thus practicing what is known as “legislating from the bench.”

Boardman said Parents of multiple religions cannot opt their children out of lessons  promoting pronoun usage, drag queens, pride parades, & even leather underwear.

And in the same breath, our dearest Judge Boardman had the gall to say the parents “do not face any coercion to violate their sacred duty to raise their child in their faith.”

Looks like Boardman also needs a class on logic.

And she’s not supposed to legislate from the bench.

My advice to parents:  Do what you can to pull your kids OUT of the indoctrination camps and find a way to get them a genuine education.

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