60 Second Commentary

A New Injection

Using our tax money, the US Government initially paid Pfizer almost 20 bucks per dose of those Warp Speed injections. Currently they pay about 30 bucks a dose.

Pfizer made $37.8 BILLION off of Warp Speed Injection sales in 2021.  Sadly, they made only $13.5 BILLION from those sales in 2022.

But wait –

Joe Biden said: “I signed off this morning on a proposal we have to present to the Congress. A request for additional funding for a new vaccine that is necessary – that works.”

Joe Biden said we NEED these new injections.
And that these new ones will work.

So the old ones weren’t effective?

And that people who took the previous injections will need to take the new ones.

Because these will work.
And we’ll need them.

Maybe Joe Biden and his “friends” want Pfizer execs to return to the standard of living to which they became accustomed – while other treatments get ignored.

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