60 Second Commentary

Have you noticed that certain topics are taboo on social media?  Mention topics surrounding __SPIKE____ or __NEEDLE____ or ___FAUCI___ or even ___ GATES____ and your post easily gets restricted. It might be 100% true, but what if it doesn’t align with the so-called “approved narrative?”

Linda Yaccarino:

If you’re going to post something that is lawful but it’s awful, you get labelled. You get labelled, you get de-amplifed, which means it cannot be shared, and it is certainly de-monetized.  

That was Linda Yaccarino, CEO of X.  The policy is called

Freedom of speech, not reach.

Nearly all platforms do this.  Some that won’t include Brighteon.Social and, and we should definitely support them. But the most heavily visited digital town squares are quick to put your soap box in a soundproof container.

If you want truth, make sure you’re participating on the truth-friendly platforms.

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