55 Million Phones Were – and May Still Be – Monitored by the CDC

File this under, “Things they didn’t tell us.”  In the spring of last year (2022), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) purchased location data on at least 55 million cellphone users. Their purpose? Monitor compliance with lockdowns and evaluate compliance with stay-at-home orders and business closures.

They also wanted to make sure you weren’t going to church or attending concerts, or – gasp – going down an aisle the wrong way while shopping for groceries.

Apparently, such things can be tracked so long as it’s an “emergency.” It has been reported in the Epoch Times that the CDC paid data-collection companies SafeGraph and Cuebiq  $420,000 and $208,000 respectively for the data. The purchases were approved because of the “pandemic.”

Let me correct the above paragraph. YOU and I shelled out $628,000 so the CDC could monitor us by tracking our phones. After all, the CDC gets most of its money from … us.

Interestingly, according to the report, before the CDC used our money to get information on us, they were receiving data from SafeGraph and Cuebiq early in the pandemic for free. From that initial data set, researchers published two studies. One found that people moved around less when communities were enforcing “social distancing” rules, and the other showed that “harsh lockdown orders led to decreased movement.”

After the CDC gave our money to these companies, they stopped publishing any studies. In fact, a CDC spokesperson didn’t provide any information on what data was collected or what it was used for.

Gee. I wonder what data they were collecting that they didn’t tell us about.

You know, using our money.  To track us without telling us.

Data Was Not Anonymous

Even worse, the data collected allowed to CDC to identify a specific individual’s behavior. They could map out a person’s specific route from place to place to place, they could tell if neighbors were getting together, and they knew when people crossed state lines – and whether those people adhered to a state’s quarantine policies.

How soon we have forgotten about all the draconian restrictions.

Naturally, the CDC said they could not identify specific individuals.

When Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) heard about this little endeavor he wrote to Rochelle Walensky, Director of the CDC, and asked who approved this tracking and what other agencies were getting the data.  To the best of our knowledge, Walensky simply replied that the data was part of using the best science available to evaluate the impact of healthcare interventions.

According to Epoch Times, Walensky said the CDC also used tracking data on us from Google, which they did not pay for.

It Was All A Show

We would be wise to remember that Deborah Birx (also known as “Miss Scarf”) admitted in her book that during the daily White House press briefings, they were just making up policies as they went – none of it was based on actual science.

By the way, in case you’ve not read any of my previous writings on this, MASKS DO NOT PREVENT VIRAL TRANSFER.  (see also my article from July 2020 on this)


And study after study after study (after study) shows that six feet of so-called “social distancing” DID NOT HELP.

In other words, all of this fearmongering was not truly about health. If our medical industrial complex had any morals whatsoever, they would have advocated for early treatment at symptom onset using supplements and drugs advocated by doctors like Zelenko, Kory, and Bartlett.

Therefore, this cell phone tracking tells us that science had nothing to do with what we were told – but we do know government agencies were watching to see how many of us complied with their “orders.”

Yes, this whole thing has been about profits and control. Sadly, three years after two weeks to flatten the curve we still have people blindly complying with edicts that are not based in science.  Only profits and control.

And the icing on that poisonous cake is that your privacy no longer exists. People in government will use your very own tax dollars to spy on you whenever they give themselves a reason to do so.

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